Provincial Governor


13-Point Agenda of the Padilla Administration


Senior citizens from different towns of Nueva Vizcaya aged 100 years old and above received their incentives of P100 thousand each from the prov'l. government through Gov. Ruth Padilla.

Some 4 thousand members of the Nueva Vizcaya Abot Palad celebrated today (March 15) the national women’s month at the Auditorium in Bambang.

Gov. Ruth Padilla during the North Luzon Ecumenical Bishops and Pastors Forum

Gov. Ruth Padilla during the distribution of Barangay Assistance Fund to various barangays of Bayombong

Ocular inspection for a possible alternate route that will decongest traffic in the municipality of Bambang, Bayombong and Solano.

"CAPITOL ON WHEELS"- Gov. Ruth Padilla's way of bringing the provincial government closer to the people


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The Padilla Administration on its First Six Months

Although the last six months of 2013 was quite a short period of time, still it provided the new administration ample time to show what things should have been done and how things should be done.

The last six months of the previous year was without a doubt a very fruitful one for the people of Nueva Vizcaya for it served as a crucial point in proving wrong the notion that promises are made to be broken because as a matter of fact, promises have been slowly delivered so that they may be realized.

As what has been presented during the first ever State of the Province Address (SOPA) and on the First 100 Days, the new regime of leaders led by the Honorable Governor Ruth Raña Padilla did what it has to do to effectively and efficiently deliver public service at its best. As what the Governor Padilla said, “we will show you the big difference.” In so doing, she led Nueva Vizcaya’s way in promoting the people’s interests and ensuring growth and development.

Bishop Ramon Villena appealed to the new leaders to lead by example and do well by showing the people the way to an incorruptible and service-oriented leadership.

As a response, the elected officials of the province vowed to fulfill their promises in the next three years by making a pledge of commitment to the very people they wished to serve. The said pledge states:

We, The Public Servants of The Province of Nueva Vizcaya, by virtue of trust and confidence vested upon us, do hereby undertake to protect the will our people by establishing a responsible, transparent and accountable government based on the principles of truth, justice and integrity towards the realization of our 13-Point Agenda, PRAYERS N FAITH.”

The Governor laid her priorities and plans of action during the turnover ceremony embraced in the so-called PRAYERSNFAITH program. Evidently, the provincial government had shown efforts and implemented projects and programs towards the realization of its 13-point agenda.


The Governor initially convened the Environmental and Natural Resources Office and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau to regulate upland farming, quarries, sand and gravel hauling and even mining while activating the Provincial Mining and Regulatory Board and approving the issuance of Sand and Gravel permits to extractors aiming to improve sand and gravel tax collections by signing Executive Order (EO) No. 12 which help generate around Five Million Two Hundred Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred Four Pesos and Ten Centavos (P 5,241,704.10).

Last November 2013, the conduct of a one week Environmental awareness activity on Climate Change participated by Schools, Local Government units, National Agencies, Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders was a success making way for EO No. 18 creating a Technical Working Group that shall work for the formulation of an Environment Code. Whereas, a new Provincial Central Nursery was established in Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya producing around 47,251 pieces of assorted seedlings for distribution to interested parties like Schools, Associations and Barangays. Padilla also initiated and developed the Nueva Vizcaya Greening Project as platform of greening the province encouraging participation among other local government units.

Meanwhile, a Memorandum of Agreement was sealed calling for the creation of the Capisaan Cave Management, Protection and Conservation Board which shall initiate the development of the Capisaan Cave System as an Eco-Tourism destination in the Country while activating the Lower Magat Steering Committee at the same time conducting meetings to fast tract Eco-Tourism development, particularly the conference building, ticketing and parking area. Further, the mapping of the Lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park was also done while technical and financial assistance for the Forest land Use Plan of the Municipality of Diadi was also provided.

Whereas, Padilla signed EO No. 3 Re-organizing the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board tasked to prepare the first Provincial Ecological solid Waste Management Plan in the entire region. Through the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board, the province adopted the implementation of the Zero Waste Management Program and the Bida Kid Project while conducting Solid Waste Management Trainings to at least 7 Schools and 11 barangays.

Atop all these, three (3) illegal Small Scale Mining Activities in Runruno, Kayapa and Dupax del Norte were subjected to investigation.


Among the first Orders issued by the Governor was E.O. No. 3, Recalling, withdrawing and revoking appointments made by the previous administration that are found to be in violation of some provisions of the law particularly those of the civil service and the omnibus election code. The Personnel Promotions and Selection Board was re-organized by way of SP Resolution 2013-1332 without undermining the creation of the Career Executive Board, tasked to conduct personnel audit pursuant to the rationalization program of the national government. Further, she also re-organized the Committee on Investigation and updated existing rules and regulations governing the expeditious, fair and equitable adjustment and speedy disposition of complaints at the PLGU by way of Executive Order No. 9.

On the other hand, Padilla also found her name written in the history of the province for delivering the First State of the Province Address otherwise known as the SOPA. Committed to realize its 13-Point Agenda, Padilla also signed E. O. No. 14 Reconstituting the Provincial Development Council while making some amendments to the Manual on Provincial Development Council at the same time. As a result, Task Force PRAYERS N FAITH was created to make sure that the aspirations of her administration are being realized. Numerous designation and detail orders were also made including the Officer-in-Charge at the Offices of the ENRO, PDRRMO, LMET, OPAg, Provincial Jail, PPDO, Cooperative Affairs and Waterworks.

The Enhancement of Provincial Financial Management System in collaboration with the Commission on Audit and local finance committee was also given utmost importance. Consequently, EO No. 23 was inked creating the Executive – Legislative Agenda Team (ELA).

Considering the need to deliver public service at its bests, the Anti-Red Tape Public Assistance and Complaints Desk was reactivated through EO No. 16 in as much as the Citizen’s Charter was revisited with the Administrative Manual of the Province being reconstituted after being dormant for 9 years. In support to these programs, the Governor made the following schedules, to wit; Mondays – Housekeeping day Tuesdays – LGUs (Municipality and Barangay) day Wednesdays – Town Hall Meetings Thursdays and Fridays – Peoples Day at the Ammungan Hall

Laying its foundations with the principles of transparency and accountability, Governor Padilla reactivated the inventory team of the provincial government to ensure proper disposable and usage of government funds and resources. As a result, a policy guideline on the issuance of cellular phones and communication allowances to elective officials and provincial government employees was crafted through Administrative Order (AO) No. 1 with a second AO regulating the quantity of gasoline consumption.

Whereas, EO No. 7 restructured the Bids and Awards Committee into three namely, Hospitals, Goods and Infrastructure making all dealers, suppliers, contractors and eligible bidders aware of the different processes and activity flow of the committee.

Events, activities, programs and actions of the provincial government can now be viewed at when the same was activated together with the broadcast and print media towards public information and dissemination

Whereas, the Governor also created the Screening Committee for Casuals and Contractuals in order to ensure that only qualified aspiring applicants land a job in the provincial government further promoting effective and efficient public service.


In response to the growing clamour of introducing reforms at the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT), the provincial government introduced necessary actions which it think were vital in making the NVAT a farmer-friendly and farmer-oriented organization. As such, NVAT is a recipient of a P35,000,000.00 financial assistance as an initial funding support from the Department of Agriculture.

At the same time, the restoration of the Banana Industry was sought with the primary intention of providing more sources of income among farmers. Consequently, the Soil Testing Center Project was also initiated to make sure that farmers engage themselves into planting crops that are considered to be of good choice considering the classification of their lands. Furthermore, the Department of Agriculture also subsidized P 3,000,000.00 worth of corn seed to Vizcayano farmers.


Considering the youth as a vital part in growth and development, Governor Padilla made a move to provide leadership development and training opportunities for the youth establishing ties with the Department of Labor and Employment together with the Technical Skills Development Authority. After which, the First Governor Ruth Raña Padilla Cycling and Basketball Cup were also introduced. The said cup was primarily intended to build sportsmanship and camaraderie among Novo Vizcayanos while trying to stray them away from vices at the same time.


One of the most important moves made by the Padilla Administration was the rationalization of the Special Education Fund (SEF) particularly the reactivation of the Provincial School Board. In this regard, expenditures involving the SEF were carefully scrutinized making sure that every single amount of money will be spent according to its real purpose.

More benefits and security of tenure for the provincial paid teachers were also extended by the provincial government with various career orientation programs being conducted in all municipalities. Whereas, funds were also provided to augment the repair needs of public classrooms damaged by typhoon “Labuyo” while allotting Six Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (P 650,000.00) for the improvement of Special Education Centers (SPED) in the towns of Bayombong, Aritao, Bambang and Solano Four libraries in four different public elementary schools were established in partnership with Ahon Foundation Philippines gaining more support from other agencies committing to donate more funds for IT and computers.

The Governor also approved employees’ trainings and seminars like those for for peace and security officers and among other sectors. Most important of which is the Executive Course on Adoptive Leadership for Local Governance Reforms at the lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park with the Province of Quirino together with the Ateneo de Manila University facilitating the said training-seminar.


In order to hasten growth and development, Padilla is also very much eager in establishing the Nueva Vizcaya Livelihood, Skills Training and Pasalubong Center. Accordingly, the same shall serve as an avenue for local residents to hone their skills in order for them to become a productive member of the community while around 12 barangays by far has been affiliated with national developmental programs like the Philippine community e-center program. The Governor also undertakes to light all 105 sitios in the entire province by 2016. With this program, she lamented on the dilemma of barrio residents who experienced their own ways of adversaries come night time.

Lastly, the Nueva Vizcaya Food Processors Association was convened. The provincial government, however, is to come up with a more viable means of insuring that processors regard their role in the community and among others.


As part of the livelihood programs of the Padilla administration, livelihood funding and several skills trainings have women, indigents and senior citizens as its recipients.

Whereas, the “Centenarian Ordinance” was approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) encouraging a healthy living lifestyle among local residents and further providing One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P 100,000.00) worth of cash incentive and support assistance.

Distribution of more than 100 wheel chairs in the municipalities of Bagabag, Kasibu, Dupax del Norte and Dupax del Sur was conducted while the municipality of Bambang is set to receive their own.


Effective partnership, cooperation and unity with a range of government agencies, people’s organizations and other group were also established like those with Kapisanan ng mga may Kapansanan sa Pilipinas (KKP), Provincial Federation of Persons with Disabilities (PFPWD), Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Public Works and Highways, Commission on Audit, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, National Bureau of Investigation, Office of Civil Defense, DSWD National, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Tourism, Department of Health, Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Department of Science and Technology, CSC National/CESB, DTI, NVSU, TESDA, SMU, Ateneo de Manila University, Tan Yan Kee Foundation, SN Aboitiz, Supreme Court, alongside some NGOs and People’s Organization including the Villar Foundation.

Local civil society organizations were also asked to participate in the provincial and regional development councils and in series of international organizations programs and activities.

The SP has also createdof the Committee on External Relations under the Sangguniang Panlalawigan


The Padilla administration also prioritizes the concreting of farm to market roads providing a more accessible route to local farmers notwithstanding its quest to classify to be developed into provincial roads. Effective classification of roads from National, Provincial, Municipal and Barangay is also being considered while making the presence of equipments like bulldozers, loaders and backhoes in strategic places more tangible.

A total of P 97,500,000.00 was allotted for the concreting of major road linkages in the province including the construction of the Besong Bridge in the municipality of Kayapa. Barat-Pallas-Nanciakan-Pob.Ambaguio Road D.M.Magapuy-Paitan-Maddiangat Road Pob. Ambaguio-Ammueg-Asipulo Road Maddiangat-Nalubbunan-Pogonsino-Baretbet Road D.M. Amballo-Palayan Bayan-Dagupan-Bonifacio Road D.M. Amballo-Palayan Bayan-Ampakleng-Decabacan-D.M. Road Mungia-Parai-Nantawacan-Mabuslo Road Palabotan-Banila-Anayo-Sta. Clara Road Salinas-Mapayao-Babadi-Binalian-Banao-Pangawan Road Bua-Bulala-Muta-Macabenga Road Inaban-Arellan-Canabay-Carolotan-Ganao Road


Last year was also a very memorable one for local artists when the Governor pledges her commitment to revive local crafts and promote local arts. It was also in 2013 that the first Christmas Village was launched by the provincial government together with the Pascua ti Kapitolyo program alongside the lighting of perhaps the biggest Christmas tree in the entire province.

The Padilla government is also keen in tapping the assistance of the National Center for Culture and the Arts together with the National Center for Indigenous Peoplein preserving what is left with local culture and tradition.


In support to indigenous people’s right, regular public consultations, dialogues and meetings particularly discussing matters to the protection of ancestral domains is being conducted.

Most recently, Padilla sought relief in Congress for the protection of the rights of the bugkalot over the California Energy Project in Alfonso Castañeda town.


Perhaps the backbone of her economic and social development plan, the Governor created the Lower Magat Forest Reserve Steering Committee (LDFRSC) in her quest to make the province as a major tourists destination without jeopardizing environmental protection programs.

Consequently, a P35, 000,000.00 peso Convention Center is about to be constructed at the Lower Magat Ecotourism park which can accommodate at least 500-700 while getting an additional P7,000,000.00 worth of funding assistance from the Department of Tourism to augment necessary activities in the province toward the development of the tourism

On the other hand, the Capisaan Cave Development Council was also activated while paving way for the creation of Tourism Officers per Municipality in order to help promote local tourism like that of the Capisaan caves in Kasibu which road network has already begun construction through the convergence between the DoT and DPWH whose main priority is to establish a 3.5 KM road going to the Capisaan Cave in the Municipality of Kasibu


As a health professional, Padilla sought for the reactivation of Provincial Health Board in as much as she conducted ocular visits and inspections to government owned hospitals to know what are the issues and concerns that need to be resolved.

For the time being, the Special Bids and Awards Committee for Health have proven to be effective in the faster purchase and delivery of hospital supplies, especially medicines which are expected to be available 24-7.

A 100% Phil Health enrollment in 2014 is being targeted while the Dialysis Center and Blood Bank is continuously operating with the upgrading of other hospital facilities is being undertaken. Whereas, the Pediatric ward with Operating Room and Chapel will be operational early next year.

Most importantly, Padilla vowed to solve the issue concerning the lack of medicines by adopting the Drug Consignment Program believed to be the most viable way to ensure better health care delivery.





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